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Bonzo Crunch sitting on a suitcase and smiling.

After demonstrating the skills in person during a brief or full-length performance as "Bonzo Crunch", Rik ("Bonzo Crunch") offers a workshop in reading body language with an emphasis on comedy and clowning, using movement to express emotion, and understanding how your body language is interpreted by others. The workshop stresses the ways to use observation, such as that in the nature of a clown’s humor, in a spirit of lightheartedness that allows participants to make fun of themselves rather than others. “Observe others, observe yourself, and observe how others see you”.

Bonzo Crunch also offers an exciting juggling workshop!

Well-suited for youth or adults, performers or the general public, schools or corporate retreats, this is a workshop that encourages observation, empathy and a healthy sense of play. These workshops are valuable to aspiring performers as well as those looking to hone their self-awareness and social skills!

FREE UPON REQUEST WITH BOOKING: Receive a customized 8 1/2" x 11" Bonzo Crunch poster file (view samples) to include with your invitations. Just download, print and share with your guests!

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